April 2018                                                                                        Christ Baptist Church 43rd Church Anniversary

March 2018                                                    Saturday March 10, 1-3:30pm there will be an afternoon TEA in honor of black history month.  See Sister Joan Woodward for details.


Free Screening                                                                                                 IN HONOR OF BLACK HISTORY MONTH                                         Saturday, February 24, 2018, 1:00PM                                                    CHRIST BAPTIST CHURCH PRESENTS

Worship & Meeting Schedules

Sunday School - 9:30AM

Praise - Morning Worship Sunday - 10:45AM

Sr. Ushers - 2nd Monday - 7:30PM

Deacons - 3rd Saturday - 1:00PM

Business/Leadership Meeting 1st. Tuesday of the month - 7:30PM

Church Quarterly Conference - dates and time will be announced

Prayer Meeting - Wednesday - 7:30PM

Deaconess - 2nd Friday - 7:00PM

Bible Study - Saturday 10:30AM Class

Sister2Sister Ministry 1st Saturday - 12:00-1:00PM

Young Adult Choir Rehearsal Friday 7:30PM

Adult Choir Rehearsal Saturday before 1st Sunday 1-2:30PM Saturday before 3rd Sunday 12-1:30PM

5th Sunday All Choirs Friday before 5th Sunday 7:30pm